ZHS60F Rough terrain forklift

Product Name     Off-Road Forklift
Model ZHS60F
Size 4400 x 2200 x 2900 mm
Curb Weight 7000 KG
Fork Length  1520mm
Climbing Angle  ≤38°
Rated Lifting Force  6000kg
Lifting Height  3000-6000mm
ground clearance 350mm
Axle Large wheel steel bridge
Tire  16/70-R20.5 tires
(Front Double)
Drive Mode  SIX-wheel drive
Engine Model YUCHAI supercharger
Engine Power 85 KW
Fuel Tank Volume 80 L

Off-road Forklift

A rough-terrain forklift truck is a material handling machine capable of traveling over all types of ground, including uneven and uneven floors. Particularly robust, it remains efficient in the most extreme conditions of use. 
ZHS rough-terrain forklifts have exceptional climbing ability. Whether on muddy, non-linear or gravel surfaces, they go where other machines don’t go.
Forklift trucks also have the advantage of being able to handle all types of loads. Offering large lifting capacities, they help you to carry out all your operations: transporting heavy / bulky loads, loading/unloading, moving, dumping… 


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Equiped with Yuchai or Cummins diesel engine, low fuel consumption, strong power, and guaranteed quality.

Customized reinforced engineering tires with strong wear resistance and off-road performance, fearless of complex terrain, safe and reliable.

The entire vehicle adopts domestic first-class brand rubber hoses, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic oil, with a long service life and can achieve 24-hour continuous operation without high temperature.

The Frame structure cab, with aviation seat, wide vision, comfortable ride, anti-roll, maximise driving comfort.

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